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RM Layer Farm

Prevention is better than cure – as it has been said, prevention and exposure to vulnerabilities is one of the most critical aspects of poultry management. In the current scenario, a large number of birds are reared in individual farms calling for severe measures to control the spread of outbreaks and diseases.

Infectious agents can enter the farm in many possible ways and result in widespread diseases. An efficient bio-security program is necessary to curb diseases in a timely manner and prevent your farm from being affected. In addition, bio-security programs also help you achieve maximum returns on your efforts and investments. You will experience this in the form of enhanced livability, growth rate and feed conversion efficiency by keeping the birds healthy throughout the lifecycle.

Diseases can enter right from recently acquired birds from outside flocks, infected eggs, dust and manure from equipments and supply vehicles, improper disposal of carcasses, water impurities and importantly human feet, hands and clothes among many other factors. Hence, everyone in your farm – whether directly or indirectly involved - needs to diligently follow bio-security measures for the overall health of your farm.