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Hatching Eggs

The details of our Broiler Hatching Eggs is as under :

1) We supply Broiler Hatching Eggs (BHE) of Cobb 400/ Cobb 400Y.
2) We supply BHE from the flocks between 32 weeks to 58 weeks age only.
3) 32 weeks to 58 weeks flocks shows peak production, peak hatchability & peak fertility.
4) We maintain cold room tempreture between 58*F to 62*F for storage of BHE.
5) We supply only 2 to 3 days storaged BHE at cold room.
6) We supply BHE of uniform size.
7) We supply BHE of uniform colour (Brown).
8) Excellant hatchability.
9) Excellant hatch of fertile.
10) Excellant livability in chicks after hatch.
11) Excellant FCR.
12) Excellant dress yield.
13) Excellant profitability.