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The foundation of the RM Group lies in the erstwhile RM Hatcheries, amongst India's top business houses, founded by Malik's in Panipat, Haryana more than twenty years ago. India's largest producer of poultry equipments, cattle feeds, day-old chicks, hatcheries eggs, Animal healthproducts, bio-security, Livestocks . The RM Group went on to establish some of India's most respected institutions, including RM Hatcheries, RM poultry equipments, RM Foods, RM Properties.

RM Group is a thriving consolidation of the old conglomerate and Rajbir Malik and Rakesh represents the illustrious business family.

The group of companies run by Rajbir & Rakesh were rebranded as RM Group, and the new identity launched worldwide in 2000.

With a rich heritage and a modern outlook, the organisation continues to evolve and expand. The key drivers of growth remain strategic acquisitions and exceptional financial structuring to tap opportunities and fuel growth.

Though family owned, the organisation has always been professionally managed, and lists employee development and leadership training as core to its business success.