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India's Fastest Growing Poultry Group

RM Group is one of India's leading business conglomerates.

The Group has business interests in diverse areas, including hatcheries, broiler farms, feeds production, layer farms, agriculture farming, Chicken/Meat Processing.

Group companies including RM Hatcheries, India's best quality day old chick (DOC) producing company. RM Agro Indus Pvt. Ltd., one of India's best quality feed manufacturing company. RM Layer Farm, the most advance technology using commercial Layer farm. RM Poultry, one of the largest commercial broiler farm in North India. RM HealthyFoodsPvt.Ltd.,India's best quality Chicken Processing company.

Across RM Group, good citizenship is a defined objective, with focused emphasis on education, community development and healthcare.

Led by Chairman Mr. Rakesh Malik & Managing Director Mr. Rajbeer Malik, the RM Group demonstrates strong leadership globally and emerges as a focused corporate entrepreneur, leveraging its knowledge, leadership and operations to add lasting value for its consumers and employees.